Broken Yet Blessed

Hey you who are feeling a little beaten up and broken lately,
I see you and I feel your ache.

Your hand that’s holding your weary head up and your tired heart that feels like its taken in all the pain it can
-Know that God is right beside you ready to carry you…
Every ache and every disappointment
you’re experiencing is seen and felt up in heaven’s presence. 

As we’ve been walking through this hard journey surrounded by so many traveling a hard journey of their own I’ve been feeling like spilling out a bit of what we’re gathering along the way.
Because our journeys are about more than the broken steps we take. 

Sometimes being human in all our flesh and bones can honestly be the scariest thing we do…because we know underneath lies a heart that holds insurmountable joy and yet experiences pain of its own kind. 
There are moments that the beauty of life takes our breath away and other times we’re breathless because we ache so deeply.

These past few months my eyes have been tracking so many lives being lived on the edge…
there’s an over awareness of the hard & holy happening over here. 

Because for some reason every thing else seems to be paling in contrast right now. 
I watch families gather around brave souls fighting and I wonder what we were all doing just months ago. 
And I like to believe strangers are handpicked by God for us to endure the fire beside. 

Yet I also know these hard times only exist for moments in years within our lives as none steal the totality of our existence. 

The cancer, that’s crashed into our lives RIGHT NOW won’t follow us to heaven’s door…
and for you,
whatever the broken hard you’re enduring RIGHT NOW will have no place in heaven for you either. 

Because where there’s God, there’s healing and new life.

And until then we have the gift of worship to experience God’s presence inside of.

Prior to all of this,
worship felt like something hard to choose much like a forced rhythm rather than a prayer graciously given to us. 

It’s a lot like the blossoms I buy plants for,
worship is a hidden gift  inside our relationship with God. 

A life-giving act.  

When we first chose to trade our worries in for worship God began untwisting our hearts and massaging their brokenness and heaven began ministering to our hurting hearts. 

The words we couldn’t find to pray,
the words we couldn’t form we found written in these songs.

Because in the hilltops of heaven sits God, who is so faithful….
who chooses to sit upon the summits and in the slopes with us all the same. 

And there really is no other way to get through the valley than to walk through it with God. 

Because even though our natural tendency is to worry, I’ve been realizing worry doesn’t invite God into our struggles, instead it pushes him aside. 

It denies God to act on our behalf and just gets us lost thinking in circles. 

When we first found the lump on Joe’s neck, we knew it wasn’t good, as it grew so fast. In fact it doubled itself in the matter of hours and tripled itself in just a day. 
By the next morning as we were getting ready I pressed play on a song and it was within those sacred moments that we found worship overcame worry.  

You see, worship for us through all of this has been a holy place of refuge-
a sacred place we’re meeting God. 

It’s here we’ve heard God whispering his big words as he’s reminding us that he will send down a rescue. 

So. over and over we return to his presence because it’s in these times we feel the strongest sense of this crazy battle being won. 
It’s in the worship that we see God fighting the battle for us and we experience him the most. 

And as we’re choosing Worship over Worry these days there’s others who are standing beside us worshiping through their own version of hard and somehow together we’re getting to watch all of heaven fight for each one of us…
Because that’s what worship does-
it unites as it heals and shows us we’re all on the same side with the One who is mightily fighting on our behalf. 

Because our scars become our stories.
They tell the brave things we’ve lived through.
They remind us of the battles we’ve bravely fought and won. 

And every one of us has these markings.  
Because underneath them lies real stories. 
Ones we’ve courageously fought…

So, if you’re facing some hard days of your own…
Know you’re surrounded by a room full of warriors facing their own brave stories as
each of us are fighting for our wounds to become scars that tell of our survival. 

Because on days like today friends the struggle is real…
even when it might just consist of staying up late to get these words written.
Because the truth is most days I don’t even know how to capture what’s happening over here. 

And I’m sure you would say the same about the life you’re living…the scars you’ve endured and those just beginning to heal…all have been given to us to tell our stories and to show we never fight alone…

So, stay brave dear one and continue trading your worries in for worship every time…
We will be fighting right beside you. 









Letting God Fight Our Battles

‘Oh God, how we need you because we’re terrified to do this thing alone.’

That’s been the cry of my heart these past months because this suffering…this pain is sometimes like none other.

The uncertainty, the long nights and the hours of ministering to him in pain
-they’re all better with God….And I’ll do them over & over again because it’s what love does best.

Recently, as I wrapped my arms around him rubbing his aching neck and bulging back so he could get some relief from the breaking down and dying of cells that have been wreaking havoc on his body
-I tried anything to relieve the pain and the fever that decided to make its appearance.

That night we sat in the disappointment of the Emergency Room.

We did what we knew and pressed play on what’s been ministering to our mind and our soul the most and something started to shift…

What’s frustrating and overwhelming lightened as we met God there.
I’ve never realized how worry does nothing to interact with heaven and only messes with our insides twisting them all up.

But worship gains all of heaven’s attention
and requests a response.

And just like that God started working….his fever broke, his blood had no trace of an infection and we were set free to go home.

What seemed scary just moments before became a battlefield for God.

It got me thinking about Paul and Silas as they sang hymns even in the darkest of night….it must have been so hard to utter that first note…

Yet their breaking of silence beckoned all of heaven. Because that’s what worship does in the valley, it changes things and stirs the heart of God.

People have been asking me how we sing in the valley as if singing is meant for the mountains…But the truth is we sing because it’s what we need…
Weeks ago as we stood before this mountain looking up from the valley we decided as a family worship would be our cry because it’s what heaven hears the best and its truly the heart beat of our souls…

Because Worship…
-perfectly captures the words of our souls…
-is what God’s been resurrecting…
-places us in the presence of God…
-is where we feel the love of God the most…
-is what we give when we have so little…

But most of all….
Our Worship is about watching heaven fight for us!

And when we find ourselves in these valleys of life surrounded by so many peaks begging for us to climb them…it’s in the lifting of our heart and our head that reminds us he is the ONE who is doing the fighting for us!

So, friend if you’re finding that life feels all too overwhelming and just plainly too much know that when you surrender yourself and recklessly raise a cry and your arms…It’s  where God does his most beautiful work!

Because some of the best battles in history have been fought with worship alone…

Many of you’ve been asking what our playlist is….so, here it is.
Join us in choosing
Worship Over Worry
Bring the Rain by MercyMe
King of My Heart by Bethel
Raise a Hallelujah by Bethel
Goodness of God by Bethel
Stand in Your Love by Bethel
It is Well by Bethel
Wonderful by Christy Nockels
Another in the Fire by Hillsong
New Wine by Hillsong
Let Go by Hillsong
Who You Say I am by Hillsong
Everything by TobyMaC
Known by Tauren Wells
September by Tauren Wells

Surrounded by Michael W. Smith
Counting Every Blessing by Tauren Wells
Hills and Valleys by Tauren Wells
Rescue by Lauren Daigle
Thank You by The Katinas
Do It Again by Elevation
All My Hope by Crowder
Come to Me by Bethel
Is He Worthy? by Andrew Peterson
Starts and Ends by Hillsong
Highlands by Hillsong
Whole Heart by Hillsong
Do It Again by Elevation

‘It might get way better’

Pain has a way of shifting our perspective.

A once great tasting meal transitions into a bite that you can taste.

A cool breeze is suddenly noticed.

The endurance to take a walk becomes a great feat for the day.

It’s odd how quickly life can change.

One minute we’re working and striving so hard we can’t see straight when suddenly we’re practicing a new rhythm of rest.

This past week has been an incline in our climb out of this valley as I’ve been fighting my own sickness one that visits me when my body gets worn down and weary.

Because the truth is sometimes our bodies break down and require some love of their own…

And in these times I want so badly to go back a few days and change my pace and breathe a little more through the hard anything that would change the course of having to go through something else that’s hard. 

But I believe it’s in these moments we see the blessings and lessons God has gathered up for years get scattered more generously over us.
And this is the miraculous connection that occurs with us and God that somehow changes what at first feels overwhelming and sad into something indescribably beautiful.

When Joe got his diagnosis and we started lining up family and friends to help him with preaching he asked if he could try and speak on Easter, his Drs felt that was a doable request and approved it. 
So when we found out that would also be his first week of chemo we leaned into God and asked him for what he would be needing. 
And our staff and church were so sweet to pray alongside of us and encourage throughout the journey to get there. 

It felt like he was going to be able to do it even as he struggled to have the strength and mental capacity to type out the words God was laying on his heart but he continued trusting that God would give him what he needed. 

So Saturday night when he couldn’t sleep due to a great deal of pain that begun a new fight as well as the nausea, I wondered how he’d get through it.
But we knew we had been fighting this battle with prayer and worship,
so we prayed through the wee hours of the night and into the morning, trusting God to do his mighty work.

And even the steps to and from the stage the next morning were difficult ones that made us rely on the help of God alone to get him through…and you know what happened
-God was so gracious to provide. 
He not only allowed Joe to preach but he showed up in so many ways that morning. 

God continues teaching me so much…

How I want to be that person who reminds others that getting through a struggle might come with some wounds but the blessings will always outweigh them.

I want to be that person who encourages others to keep going, to push through the uncomfortable, the silence and the difficult because what you will find on the other side is always better than what you’ve ever had before. 

I want to be that person that leads others to lay their worries aside and chooses worship every time because when our eyes are on God they don’t see what’s overwhelming and sad beside us. 

I want to be that person because I think there’s too much silence spoken in our hard and holy times that we forget it is possible…

As a sweet little boy wrote to Joe in a card…
                                                    ‘It might get way better.’

There’s so much truth in that seemingly simple statement, isn’t there?

Because sometimes you need those words to remind you there is better days than the ones you’re in. 

I know this because I’ve been there this week. 

Because I’ve been the one who’s laid flat out on the floor of my closet crying and telling God how much I longed to have my parents still around to talk through these hard moments and how I deeply ached to hear for their strong words of faith spilled over me even one more time. 

I’m the one who’s cried over feelings of ‘not enough’ this week and the one doing more falling than walking lately.

Yet, I’m also the one who’s been reminding herself that God makes all things new…
even the likes of us!

I’ve had to see what happens when one sits too long in that place of pain and how it only leads to heart full of despair.

And if I want to continue in the fulfilling life God has for me I need to change my perspective and really see the beauty God has so graciously been scattering for me…

Like the cooler full of food delivered to our porch to feed our weary souls.

Or the text that lit up my phone early one morning as I was wrestling out demons with God…it beautifully read,
                                    ‘Cinnamon rolls are on your porch.’
(Because I truly believe food is a spiritual gift!)

Or my two friends who so graciously came and cleaned my house today.

Or the countless gifts we’ve been given that have been purposefully and personally handcrafted reminding us to trade in our worries for worship and
                                                 ‘It might get way better’

You see life is hard and everywhere we turn can be something harder to face but it’s not what happens in life but what we do through it
-that really matters.

The truth is sometimes I’m utterly overwhelmed by God’s redeeming grace that he graciously rains down on us. 

This pull towards what is beautiful which surrounds us, 
the kindness that emerges, 
the compassion that reaches out 
are all reminders for us to shift our focus toward God. 

Friend there is hope which searches for beauty in the cracks of what is so hard,
that chooses to find blessings and call them by name…
because finding God in the places we visit allows us to know just how much God really desires to be found and to be seen. 

So for now I’m doing just that, 
I’m seeing him in the the seemingly insignificant as well as the big that lays in our steps and somehow 
-I’m feeling God and experiencing the simply beautiful piece of him that lives inside of me. 







If you have time to Worry you have time to Worship

As we’re deep into the Holy Week and only a day stands between us and Good Friday I’m reminded of Jesus’ sacrifice through suffering…

I’m reminded that Jesus suffered in isolation so that we wouldn’t ever suffer alone.

And this week as we began a new journey of our own…
as we strung masks over our faces and wondered exactly what the road ahead would bring,
God’s been ever-so-gently tenderizing our hearts. 

Things we once counted as important have lost their place as souls seem to be gaining their rightful place…
because no soul is too far gone or too great a risk.

And here in this hard and Holy Week it’s easy to see why Christ chose the Cross over a Kingdom
and death over life.

Blood-flow signifies life
This very thing has been rolling around in my mind lately and making me think just how costly life can be.

As Joe and I’ve been pressing pause on worry and choosing to worship,
we’ve been seeing God walking beside us.

I believe that’s because inside of these days of brokenness it’s easier to feel his presence…
hearts always seem more raw in the breaking.

We’ve been noticing as we’re lifting our praises upward there’s something shifting inside the crevices of our brains and how our perspective’s been changing too.

For several years Joe has repeated this little phrase that holds so much truth…
                   ‘If you have time to worry, you have time to pray!’

I’ve been adapting it to worship these days because worship is a prayer sung out loud when there’s no words to be said.

It’s when we take our eyes off the external that we’re able to see God so much more clearly.

And when we do this together with friends and family circled around us something crazy occurs…
a beautiful gift comes in worshiping together

-our hearts fall into sync and they begin to beat as one.

Even though we each bring our own worries to the foot of the Cross our hearts have an incredible way of keeping in rhythm.
And in these beautiful moments together, we gain the attention of Heaven.

Our cry out to God gets louder and has a way of grabbing his attention in ways our worries can’t.

Friend, I’ve been realizing just how stagnant worry really is…as it breathes toxins inside our lungs and does nothing to move the heart of God.

And when our lives are in need of his kind of working, why would we expend such empty energy?

Yet so much of our days get lost in this kind of cyclical worry-full thinking when what we really need is to worship the ONE who has the power to sustain us.

Because worship has a way of igniting our brains with the perseverance we need to press on.

And as Joe and I’ve been walking through this hard week we never knew it would land us smack in the middle of this Holy Week.

But God has a way of using what’s in our every day lives to show himself. 

This morning during just another spontaneous time of worship God moved in our hearts in a powerful way…
because sometimes it’s our hearts that need to align with the pathway of suffering ahead for us to recognize his working.  

And honestly friend there’s a whole lot of brave that’s being lived out every day beside us if we’ll only take the necessary time to listen to one another’s stories. 

Whether it’s the young Mom who recently delivered her baby cold and blue 
or the teenage girl who’s not only fighting for her life but fighting to be loved…

Friend there really is a whole lot of brave we don’t see when life is going as we planned and it feels better than ever… 
Because sometimes it takes pain felt deep within for us to notice it in another. 

Today as we walked out of our last appointment and as we are headed closer into Good Friday the sun decided to make its appearance…its warmth radiated hope as it reminded us we never walk this way alone.

And that’s exactly why Jesus hung on the Cross and suffered
alone, so that we’d never know what it was like to suffer in such isolation. 

So, if you can’t get a hold of us this weekend press play on that song that moves the heart of God, because that’s exactly how we’re spending our days over here.





Worship Over Worry


Somedays it’s hard to know if what we’re walking through comes from heaven or the depths below…

All I know is whether our view is from a mountain top looking down or in the valley looking up we didn’t travel this way alone!
Because no matter where God’s taking us he’s been there with us all along.

This past month we’ve been asked so many times about the origin of this disease that’s taken residence in our home…
anything from medically to spiritually and our answer has been the same, regardless…

It’s not where it comes from, but who is carrying us through it.

These verses have been guiding our steps and are the result of our response lately…
We are hard pressed on every side, but not crushed;
perplexed, but not in despair;
persecuted, but not abandoned;
struck down, but not destroyed.
We always carry around in our body the death of Jesus,
so that the life of Jesus may also be revealed in our body.
For we who are alive are always being given over to death for Jesus’ sake,
so that his
life may also be revealed in our mortal body.’
2 Corinthians 4.8-11

Because when our lives suddenly change, our view shifts and the things of God take on greater meaning.
It is in this place,
our stories minister deeper…

and reach higher until they spill over…
with nothing restrained,
because there’s no longer a risk that’s greater
than the one worth taking. 

I recently learned a new Hebrew word it’s ‘Tehillah’ meaning
‘a spontaneous new song. Singing a melody in your heart by adding words to it’.

Friends, did you read that…a spontaneous song from our story…it gives words to the song that is growing within our hearts…
It also says how…’it brings tremendous unity to the body of Christ.’

Singing in this place moves us into the presence of God…any and every time and it unifies us with the body of Christ.
Each of our songs written from the hard and holy places of our hearts come together in the presence of God as ONE song being sung together in worship to our heavenly Father. 

Friends, we live out our worship…created to live it out in both the best and the hardest of days.

Our sacrifice is singing out our praises to God even when are our hearts are racing and our hands are trembling….because some days even though worry can feel like it’s winning, it’s really not. 

Because God awakens us in worship and revives us when we set aside our worry and we choose to worship him…

We lift up all of the loose ends….
all of the undone details…
all the unknown that’s raising up all kinds of fear
and we say not only with our voice
but with our empty hands-
God we trust you!’

We trust you regardless what we must go through,
we trust you when life feels overwhelming and we’re learning a new rhythm…
because God
we not only yearn to trust you more
but we also
long to worship you in this place!

It’s in these moments when our thoughts shift from what seems to be weighing us down to being overwhelmed by the goodness of our God.

We experienced this very thing the other night as we’d just gotten home from yet another surgical biopsy.
Joe was feeling awful and I was scared because I knew this might be the beginning of these ugly moments.

And I did the only thing I knew to do…

As we crawled into bed I pressed play on our ‘Worship Over Worry’ playlist that we recently made because when hard times come like this you need a continuous stream to drown out the worry in the waiting.

These songs seem to be ministering to us so deeply these days as if they were written from our own story, from the inside of our hearts. 

So, as we laid there my eyes were closed because the honest truth is I needed those words to flow out of my heart and into the presence of God. 
I needed God to hold what was feeling like too much and most of all I needed him to hold me ever-so-tightly that night…

And you know what happened…he did just that!

As I opened my eyes a few moments later my heart was so moved as I looked over at Joe who was laying there beside me worn out but with his hand raised up in worship…
because he knew there’s something healing about singing a hallelujah when your body feels broken. 

It was in that moment I knew that our choice to worship God over worry was exactly what God’s using to strengthen us and calm our worries.  

This isn’t some gimmick we’ve chosen, it’s truly our Tehillah, a spontaneous song from our story, the song that’s growing within us which gives all the glory to God…both in the hard days as well as in the better ones.

And Friends, we all have a Tehillah from within the depths of our soul to sing and what’s even more mind blowing is these beautiful songs are what God uses to bring us together.

Because these songs are what usher in hope and remind us that God is winning this battle! 





How Our Praise is a Pathway to God’s heart

Perhaps the wounds that are felt the most are
the ones where the scalpel
cuts the deepest.

But sweet one
IS where God’s presence is felt the nearest.

Because the truth is,
I’ve never felt so close to God as when he’s carrying me through the valley.
….and life calls for this sometimes.

I’ve been learning this a lot these days.

It’s here where the whispers of God have been sustaining me.
Because faith reminds us that he is carrying us through while fear attempts to steal our peace.
But when we choose to keep the voice of God as the One who speaks INTO us,
we find it so much easier to exhale praise in.

Because we need his soothing reminders to drive out all fear.
And this is when we drop our heart inside the pages of his story and his words find their perfect way of fitting into our story
…because this is the relevancy of God.

It’s strange friends,
before the diagnosis,
before things began to change,
the anxieties were rising…
the pain of loss were strung over our days and
the hard that life brings was feeling extra heavy.
But somewhere inside all of this
-God’s been putting his hand inside my chest and massaging my heart…
giving me peace.

The biggest thing we’ve been learning these days is the blessing of walking with God. 
And although we are continually comforted by his presence beside us,
the truly amazing blessing is woven in how he’s leading us…

Joe and I have felt like we’ve been riding a roller coaster of emotions these days and everyone surrounding us has been in the cars beside us. 
Many times we don’t have the explanations or answers for others nor for the ones we’re asking deep within. 

So, this morning as we woke up with a headache from the craziness of yesterday’s circumstances and all of the emotions it brought us through…
I felt a leading from the Spirit to rest today. 

Not just a physical response of rest but an emotional and spiritual one. 
I felt God’s Spirit urging us to rest in him today.

And you know what happened?

God showed up!

Several people who have been surrounding us in prayer and in worshiping God have been echoing this very same message to us. 
Reminding us that God hears and sees us each one of us. 

God’s leading to ‘stand still’ is a request for us to stand in his presence in prayer and in worship…to not be tempted to try and fix this thing but to trust and worship him in stillness. 

This is hard for us, isn’t it?

Because when things are wrong,
when cells are out of order and when they’re mutated,

the last thing we think we should do is press pause. 

Because urgent times call for urgent measures, right?

Well, this isn’t so with God. 
Because it’s in our stillness he powerfully works and it’s when we’re out of the way
he is clearly seen the most!

I used to think he needed me to ‘fix’ things and then ask him for his covering in what I did.

But in the midst of this battle we are currently in Joe and I have been finding the best work we can do is to praise God in the midst of difficulties and allow him to work. 
You see, when we praise him for WHO he is others recognize him in our lives and they meet him in our pain. 

You know perhaps all the brokenness we so often concentrate on has nothing to do with it’s shattered pieces….
Instead maybe, our response of praise is what he’s looking for. 

Because sometimes God whispers for us to stand still,
to remain in this place so we can see firsthand how he powerfully responds on our behalf.

Because when battles are unleashed in our lives our stance is essential to the outcome.

Our declaration of who God is in those hard seasons shouts out what we truly believe.

I saw this in a very real way at my Mom’s funeral when my Dad confidently raised his hand in worship of God…

Because we tell the world that God is good regardless of what happens inside the details of our lives.

It echoes the steadfastness of our hearts, no matter what!
And this friend is the security our hearts need in our ever-changing lives.
We need to know God is God, no matter what!
-Because there is nothing else in life that can sustain this kind of place in our lives.

You see when this all began,
Joe and I had a decision to make.
A decision to worship God for how good he’s been and will forever be
or we could wait for a diagnosis and treatment plan to pass through and then choose to worship him depending on the outcome.

We chose to praise him in the middle of our struggle and to worship him for who he is!

And what happened has been amazing as God’s army is surrounding us in this worship.

You know sometimes as Christians we become convinced that we can only experience this kind of community in heaven.
But I truly believe, it’s here for us if we will become vulnerable and call out to others to stand with us on the front lines, vulnerable and all.

We tap into a heavenly battle, Friends!

The Church awakens and lives get re-born, young and old!

Our praise is the pathway to the heart of God!

It’s in these places
-hearts get healed, families experience restoration and lives find God. 

So, sweet Friend if you’re in the midst of your own hard struggle, know that our praise is the weapon to call upon heaven to fight for us

Believe me, I get it…I understand the upside-down reasoning this feels like.
Because I don’t have any idea how all of this will work out.
In fact we’ve been asked if our stance to
Worship Over Worry is one that can sustain the battle ahead.
And all we can say in response to that is…
our choice to
Worship Over Worry
-is truly the only thing getting us through these days.

Choosing to raise our tired and weary arms is our declaration that we trust God,
even so…

And until then…
standing still in prayer and in worship
as we
rest in God.

This is not a position of surrender or defeat,
but one of victory!

Turning Our Worry into Worship

These past few weeks have been so crazy…
from walking into the Dr’s thinking we were dealing with one thing
and leaving with another….

the more this thing unravels,
the more we see God working.

And I think the hardest part of this, outside of trusting God to hold us no matter what, has been waiting for all of the results.

In fact today I really felt the weight of it all as I was ready to post my blog only to realize I had lost the whole thing and had to start over.
..and then to be told by Dr’s that we’d have to wait another day to hear any news…

I felt it mostly in my stomach as it was all twisted up in knots so I did what I knew and talked to God about it all and told him I was at my wit’s end and needed his peace to flood me and for him to give me the patience to wait another day.

It’s been two weeks for this one biopsy and I’d reached the end of what I felt I had, but God washed over me and flooded me with his peace and my insides began to settle down and rest when my phone rang…
it was Joe.

This time he brought the news we’ve been praying for.
Although he has a very rare form of Lymphoma his cancer has not spread.
The Drs are shocked and we are worshiping God.


Do you know that story about Paul and Silas singing in the prison cell?
Well, I’ve been thinking a lot about them lately.
I once thought they must have been so much stronger than me to respond like that in a prison cell.

And yet as we’re facing our own kind of difficulty, the deepest part of my soul gently resonates with their response.
Because as I’ve been meditating on their story, I’ve been uncovering what might have caused their hearts to pray and sing that night.

You see when darkness hovers over our lives and anxiety tries to steal our joy, when brokenness seems to surround us there’s something we must hold onto.

Paul and Silas knew there was ONE that could loosen all the prisoner’s chains and they knew that same ONE could empty prison cells.

Friends, our fears get quieted when we lift them to the heavens and hold them up to God.

I never quite understood the power that came in worship until the last few weeks.
I’ve experienced it’s blessing and even held onto it in both the hard and holy days, but walking through these difficult days lately
-worship has found a new ministry in my life.
One I truly believe is what led to Paul and Silas singing that cold dark night.

You see when we raise our hallelujahs fear has no place in us because we can’t worship and worry at the same time.
Because as we worship God our worries get carried to heaven’s throne where God receives and massages our hurting hearts.
And as people gather alongside us they also lift their praises to God beckoning for his mercy and grace.

It’s so easy to become discouraged and worry when life hits a hard moment, it can cause us to lose our way at times.
….because it’s not always easy to remember how God’s goodness has followed us all these years and walking into unknown territories can be hard.
But when we choose to stand in God’s love and leave our fear behind we find there’s a whole lot of people fighting their own brave battles
-worshiping right beside us.

And I believe this is what Paul and Silas knew as they chose to pray and sing in the middle of the night.
They knew their suffering was just another opportunity for them to lead others into worship…to see God work.

That night as they sang with the prisoners listening something crazy happened…
God showed up.

And as they worshiped every prisoners chains were loosened and they were all set free…because when we sing a spontaneous song from our story others get moved as they see God move.  

They hear as God whispers every so gently to us…
‘I see you, child and I’m the One who carried you here and I’ll be the One who carries you through this.’

I think we walk through these things because God wants to gather broken souls and he wants us to know he is the ONE we need. 

As we’ve been turning our worry into worship God has been ministering to our souls and I am learning a new rhythm of grace. 
Because we can either spend our whole lives chasing worry or we can step into the presence of God where our fear gets taken by God. 

Because when we exchange our worries for worship we choose to call upon the heavens to fight our battles for us. 

And this friend is where God works the mightiest of his work. 

This friends is where I’ve been standing 
with hands lifted high before God…
And if you’re looking for me
-meet me at the feet of God worshiping his holy name…