Thursday’s Thread: Finding joy in the ‘THEN’ & ‘NOW’ of our lives

As I've mentioned I've been doing a lot of reflecting.... between weddings, graduations and funerals my mind has plenty of memories it's been resurrecting. My thoughts have been leaping between 'THEN' and 'NOW'.... it's from the past to the present God has a way of  bringing healing to our hurting heart. What we envisioned our [...]

Thursday’s Thread: Will I ever be enough?

Ever feel like you're not enough? Some days I struggle with this more than others. Not smart enough....pretty enough...skinny enough...tall enough...good enough...not enough at home, work or in our friendships... we're just never quite enough for what ever it is we're doing and there seems to always be someone who is doing it better...climbing further [...]

Thursday’s Thread: Your child’s struggle is real… a ‘crisis’ of faith.

I don't know what parenting hard & holy has you awake at night right now if it's a hard road you're traveling through the murky waters of adolescence or just the every day navigating required for these tricky times. But there's one thing I know that is true even though the details of our journeys [...]