I love a good story and I love trading stories.

I love listening to your stories because our stories have a way of connecting us…
We find a piece of ourselves in each other’s stories.

As you’ll see I’m a bit of a mess…truly on a journey from brokenness to wholeness.
And I honestly believe God loves us even when we are in the midst of this journey. 

Because this is where our need for Him is the strongest. 

I am a wife,
a mom,
a daughter
and daughter in law.
I am a sister nine times over,
a child of God
and a woman hopelessly full of dreams.
I am a lover of coffee shop meet-ups and the coastal rocks of Maine.

I am a friend who loves deeply,
one who grieves deeply

and a lover of God- the true author of my story.
I am a writer who wildly and fiercely believes life is a beautiful story worthy of being spoken.

I am a Story Trader who is immensely obsessed with people and their stories, especially the most gifted Storyteller of all…God Himself, who is continuously writing and re-writing our stories. 
And friend, your story too is His story, given- to be shared. 

Which is why I created this space, for our stories to be courageously spoken and heard.