My Story


I love a good story and I love trading stories.

I love listening to stories because our stories have a way of connecting us…
We find a piece of ourselves in each other’s stories.

As you’ll find out I’m a bit of a mess…
I’m on a journey from brokenness to wholeness.
And I honestly have to believe God loves us even when we’re in the midst of this journey. 

Because this is when our need for Him is the strongest. 

I am a wife,
a mom,
a daughter
and daughter in law.
I am a sister nine times over,
a child of God
and a woman hopelessly full of dreams.
I am a lover of coffee shop meet-ups and the coastal rocks of Maine.

I am a friend who loves deeply,
one who grieves deeply

and a lover of God- the true author of my story.
I am a writer who wildly and fiercely believes life is a beautiful story worthy of being spoken.

I am a Story Trader who is immensely obsessed with people and their stories. 
I hope you’ll find yourself at home here as we share our life experiences and stories together. 

And I’d love to hear your story. 
Please share it with me and sign up to receive my monthly email so we can get to know each other better. 

Because there’s really nothing better than trading stories!

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