Healing Wounds

The words 'you'll heal' are powerful. But... How do we prepare for re-entry following a hard season? Because we've all had a scab fall off a wound and break open again. And the fear of this can sometimes shake us up more than we'd ever admit. We don't always know the way upwards when we're [...]

Where Empathy and Brokenness Meet

So many of us are walking through life limping and protecting ourselves from an injury we've recently encountered. I was thinking about this recently as my own heart's been aching within... I recounted all of you who are just trying to make it through the week. Those who've recently lost a loved one...or are nursing [...]

When You Still Need Healing

Some things in life just happen then there's the kind of days we spend hours planning for. We want every detail lived out because dreams have a way of carrying us through hard days. Our trip to New England has been just this. And as we've been walking through these days there was one day [...]

Seasons of Change and Re-growth

I used to not even notice so much of what was happening; each breath we took...the many steps we walked...or even the simple beauty surrounding us. But I do now.  Because when someone brushes up against death, there's nothing ordinary about any of these things.  And there's honestly nothing ordinary with even life itself.  During [...]

Strength in the Middle

If you seem to think life gets easier on the other side of the valley, perhaps think again...because there's a fight that stirs even when we pass through the loneliness of this new territory. When the crowd's died down and learning to walk again takes a renewed mantra. Because even if we're just trying to [...]