We may each walk through some hard days and wonder if we’ll ever make it through.
Because when we find ourselves in the valley, the hill beside us can look so far away. 

But friend, worship is truly what moves us from the valley to the mountain top. 

Because God is doing his work even in the midst of our mess and is with us through all that follows that mess too…

He’s with us following the painful break-up, following the excruciating loss of a child, following the devastating diagnosis and even in into what follows our much needed healing…because he truly loves us and he walks with us through the after math of it all…

Friend, if you’re in these days experiencing these side effects know that God sees you. And worship is where we meet him in these days….

Because worry will try its best to steal a place in our hearts, but it can only have that space if we allow it.
And the truth is worship and worry can’t co-exist in this space. 

Because when we worship our heart and mind rests on the things above rather than the things of this earth. 

I know because this is what we’ve been living these days. 

And just because Joe’s been given a clear scan, it doesn’t mean worry and fear don’t continue to invade our hearts. 
Because fear has a way of showing up in every kind of season and even in the ones that follow those hard ones.

In fact, sometimes this is when we least expect them to come… 



Like today as I was scrolling down my feed when I ran across a story that did me in. 

I saw the all too familiar sight.
It was a young man who was bald lying in his hospital bed surrounded by his family, but that wasn’t what got to me.
It was the headline that did it.

Son of Babe Laufenberg Loses fight with rare Cancer…’

My heart dropped for this family, because when you’ve experienced the fight and watched someone you love go through it, it changes you. 
It makes you wish you could find a cure and help all those who suffer its affects.  

But friend we can’t.


As I began to read further about this young man’s brave story, I realized he had the exact same Cancer Joe had. 
I was struck because this kind of Cancer is extremely rare.
And when you hear someone’s cancer came back following your recent battle, it can hit you deep. 

After 5 months of devastating challenges and following a lot of unanswered questions, following the Ptsd that seems to be all too heavy at times, following the fear of any reoccurrence, following all the anxiety that comes when life bears down a little too heavily…news like this can get to you. 

And honestly something like this has a strange way of taking your breath away. It causes you to realize how shattered you are and reminds you there’s still a lot of healing to do. 

Because I think something deep happens when a person goes through years of grief. 
They wonder if they’ll ever live a year without the feelings of loss and grief. 
And when we look around and run across a story like this it reminds us we all have battle wounds that tell our stories.

And although we don’t hold the cure for those who are suffering beside us, we know the One who does.

And this is actually where worship becomes even more powerful inside our stories.  

Because it’s here when we choose to worship over worry, we lead others into the presence of God with us.
We tell our world that although we don’t know how all of this will turn out, we’re choosing to trust God. 

Because these days our world sees too many fake versions of life…
because we’re all guilty of over-filtering our photos which look too good to be true. 

And the honest truth is, maybe life is not as much about collecting the most likes and accumulating the big red hearts, and a whole lot more about living vulnerably.
Maybe it’s found in having our hearts stretched by those who are bravely living amongst us and stopping a minute to realize there’s a whole lot of hard being living out right in front of us.  

Because this is where get to share in other’s lives and we get close enough to see their battle scars. 


So, tonight as my heart feels a little heavier than usual,  I’m grateful for the opportunity to gather friends and worship God.
I am looking forward to worshiping God because this is where my heart is reminded of who God is and this friend is powerful.

Because this is truly where I feel the calmest and the most at rest, when I’m standing in the presence of God.

Friend, if you’re struggling tonight with this too. If life feels heavy and its squeezing some life out of you, press play and meet God here.

Because you can trust that if its heavy on your heart, its heavy on God’s heart too. 

**Worship with us today as we’ve been singing ‘Faithful to the End’ by Bethel Music




8 thoughts on “Godly Worship Overcomes Human Worry

  1. Ruthann this is Debbie Beal . I would like to correspond with you through email if you would like. My email is listed just not published.
    Prayers Debbie and Doug Beal

    Liked by 1 person

  2. God bless you and your family. Continued prayers for Joe, you and your precious boys.

    Your words resonate in a way I cannot explain. Touching a cord which reaches beyond your suffering into the lives of those who have struggled with the fear of loss. Thank you for your heartfelt and eloquent sharing.

    Sending love to you and your family❤️

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  3. Worshiping together tonight was raw, beautiful and healing….and then your words on this page…

    The song you introduced me to this evening, Highlands, is still resounding within my heart.

    “No less God within the shadows
    No less faithful when the night leads me astray
    You’re the heaven where my heart is
    In the highlands and the heartache all the same”

    Thank you for being a faithful, honest witness to God’s faithfulness and perfect love. I love you!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Cindy. You’re such a blessing in our lives. Thank you for loving God and others. Thank you for your words.
      Last night was such a gift. God has been so good to us. Thank you for sharing this. Love you.


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