As we’re deep into the Holy Week and only a day stands between us and Good Friday I’m reminded of Jesus’ sacrifice through suffering…

I’m reminded that Jesus suffered in isolation so that we wouldn’t ever suffer alone.

And this week as we began a new journey of our own…
as we strung masks over our faces and wondered exactly what the road ahead would bring,
God’s been ever-so-gently tenderizing our hearts. 

Things we once counted as important have lost their place as souls seem to be gaining their rightful place…
because no soul is too far gone or too great a risk.

And here in this hard and Holy Week it’s easy to see why Christ chose the Cross over a Kingdom
and death over life.

Blood-flow signifies life
This very thing has been rolling around in my mind lately and making me think just how costly life can be.

As Joe and I’ve been pressing pause on worry and choosing to worship,
we’ve been seeing God walking beside us.

I believe that’s because inside of these days of brokenness it’s easier to feel his presence…
hearts always seem more raw in the breaking.

We’ve been noticing as we’re lifting our praises upward there’s something shifting inside the crevices of our brains and how our perspective’s been changing too.

For several years Joe has repeated this little phrase that holds so much truth…
                   ‘If you have time to worry, you have time to pray!’

I’ve been adapting it to worship these days because worship is a prayer sung out loud when there’s no words to be said.

It’s when we take our eyes off the external that we’re able to see God so much more clearly.

And when we do this together with friends and family circled around us something crazy occurs…
a beautiful gift comes in worshiping together

-our hearts fall into sync and they begin to beat as one.

Even though we each bring our own worries to the foot of the Cross our hearts have an incredible way of keeping in rhythm.
And in these beautiful moments together, we gain the attention of Heaven.

Our cry out to God gets louder and has a way of grabbing his attention in ways our worries can’t.

Friend, I’ve been realizing just how stagnant worry really is…as it breathes toxins inside our lungs and does nothing to move the heart of God.

And when our lives are in need of his kind of working, why would we expend such empty energy?

Yet so much of our days get lost in this kind of cyclical worry-full thinking when what we really need is to worship the ONE who has the power to sustain us.

Because worship has a way of igniting our brains with the perseverance we need to press on.

And as Joe and I’ve been walking through this hard week we never knew it would land us smack in the middle of this Holy Week.

But God has a way of using what’s in our every day lives to show himself. 

This morning during just another spontaneous time of worship God moved in our hearts in a powerful way…
because sometimes it’s our hearts that need to align with the pathway of suffering ahead for us to recognize his working.  

And honestly friend there’s a whole lot of brave that’s being lived out every day beside us if we’ll only take the necessary time to listen to one another’s stories. 

Whether it’s the young Mom who recently delivered her baby cold and blue 
or the teenage girl who’s not only fighting for her life but fighting to be loved…

Friend there really is a whole lot of brave we don’t see when life is going as we planned and it feels better than ever… 
Because sometimes it takes pain felt deep within for us to notice it in another. 

Today as we walked out of our last appointment and as we are headed closer into Good Friday the sun decided to make its appearance…its warmth radiated hope as it reminded us we never walk this way alone.

And that’s exactly why Jesus hung on the Cross and suffered
alone, so that we’d never know what it was like to suffer in such isolation. 

So, if you can’t get a hold of us this weekend press play on that song that moves the heart of God, because that’s exactly how we’re spending our days over here.





2 thoughts on “If you have time to Worry you have time to Worship

  1. Thank you for your writing out what is living in your heart. It helps me to slow down and think about what God is trying to say to me and I need to hear. I am growing to enjoy giving him my worries and making more room to trust Him…sweet peace and rest in Him.

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