This plant recently found its way into our home and has spread its beautiful roots beside me.

Plants have a sweet way of moving life into our homes.

Its continuous need for light and water are reminders of its fragility and resilience to survive.

And even though I’m fully aware of its unceasing needs

-I’ve been known to neglect and even kill a few plants in my lifetime.

And yet it hasn’t stopped me from bringing another one home….

Because their beauty far outweighs their risk.


Which reminds me of this one plant I recently moved into a bigger pot.

Its roots were all twisted up and overcrowded busting through the soil as if it was begging me to make room for it to stretch out.

As I look at my plant that is now looking much healthier and sitting pretty in its new home, a thought came to me…

-Everything needs room to grow…space for our souls to breathe-

A moment to lengthen and branch out even with the risk of survival waits nearby.

A moment to get untangled and revisit our original intentions of moving forward…


Growth can be scary.

And hard.

It might even require us to make changes, to take big risks.

And that can be scary because making room can get messy and even hurts…

But change brings growth…every.time.

And creating room to breathe, to heal and to reflect gives us the gentle space our soul needs to grow…

In fact it sometimes makes a difference between life and death.

I saw this with my little plant…

When it was given more space -it spread its roots and began thriving.

Every day it soaks in the rays of the sunlight which beams through the glass panes…

and it stretches out a little further.

As if it’s speaking a gentle thanks for it’s healthier place to bloom and grow.

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