Why do we live like there’s only so much beauty, creativity or talent to go around?

God made this universe with an infinite amount of it all and yet we often hold back speaking kind words, afraid if we pass it out it might mean there’s less to go around…
That perhaps one day we will be in need and we’ll find an empty bucket rather than a full one.
It’s funny how scarcity experienced in one small space of our heart can overflow into every arena of our lives.
We learn this at a young age!

I remember trying to crash in on my brother and sister’s birthdays, they were one day apart and mine was stuck in a month of its own. 
I mean after all who really likes watching someone else get the big gift, the special attention, the birthday hugs with the pretty cake? 

Even as adults we struggle with this. 
I’ve seen parents standing on the sidelines thinking it was their sporting event. Yelling at their sons and daughters to do what their deep soul was ‘needing’ them to accomplish. Sometimes we have a hard time living out our own lives so we live them through our kids. I’ve watched parents knock down and yell for their significance, shouting words they wouldn’t ever get back. 

It really doesn’t matter what age we are…there’s always the chance we will exchange our identity for someone else. We become identity thefts at best.

I’ve seen it happen more than once the louder we are the more attention we’ll get…sadly it’s not always the looks we were hoping for.

I left the stadium once sick to my stomach knowing the boy down on the field hadn’t heard the last of how he missed a pass or messed up… because his Dad was looking for his own worth in his son’s performance.

If only we could live our lives with a little bit of truth etched upon our arm daily reminding us-we are more than enough!

There’s never too many pictures to adorn, or headlines to read, never enough pages written or stories to impart.
Because in our vast and endless world there’s never too many amazing people to celebrate…each one made and designed with their very own fingerprint to leave upon this world. 

When we live our lives where there’s more than enough room at the table, we live like God intended for us.
Each note gets played because the one He meant to play it,
is given their chance.

True harmony of souls happens when we celebrate one another rather than trying to steal the show. 

So friends, reach into the lives you pass every day and share your table long enough to learn how to celebrate one another.
It’s in these beautiful spaces we learn to dance to a rhythm of someone else! 

Because people can too quickly forget that there’s more than enough to pass around and plenty of people needing you to beat the drum for them. 

Sadly we’re often too busy looking in the mirror of not enough we miss counting off our blessings.

Because a quick glance in the mirror has a way of telling a woman she isn’t enough…pretty enough, trim enough and all the other ‘enough’s’ we foolishly accept. 

You know there’s plenty of Mothers tooting their child’s horn making sure they’re seen in a class of their own. 
We must stop brewing this message. 
They need to hear there’s more than enough to go around.
I’ve never seen so many people liking so many people’s stories as there are today.  

When we list out our blessings and count them day by day we speak the truth that there’s more than enough to go around again and again.

Eventually I grew up and learned my birthday coming once a year was more than enough for me to celebrate…

If we will just look around & live our lives out of a place of abundance we’ll find ourselves breathing out a whole lot more gratitude and praise. 

Friends may we enlarge our circles and spend our days celebrating those around us…inviting, multiplying and spreading what we’ve been entrusted with!

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