My Dad recently came to visit me in Dallas from Maine. He was diagnosed with Cancer over a year ago and had decided if he was going to continue receiving chemo he may as well do it in a sunny place for the Winter.
He planned on staying in Dallas for three months, yet that quickly began to dwindle into weeks, then days until we only had hours and minutes together when he suddenly took a turn for the worse.

As Dad’s time began to shorten, he became closer and closer to the Lord. He described it as an intimacy with God that increased daily and felt ‘so nice’. He spoke of it as a closeness that ‘felt so good’. 

My Dad walked with the Lord for years and spent time daily with Him, but what he was experiencing now was different….As his days on earth shortened, He grew more and more intimate with God.
It was truly a beautiful thing to watch….we spoke of how his earthly body was wasting away, yet spiritually he was being renewed day by day!

As his time with us was lessening, his words increased with an incredible richness and intentionality.

Just three days prior to his passing he sent a text to each of his 22 Grandchildren-
a message that was heavy upon his heart….what he labored in prayer for them.

The text simply read…


They were personally addressed to each one of his Grandchildren and held similar words asking them to consider their relationship with the Lord.
My Dad bore no regrets, he had scattered the seeds he was sent into their lives to sow and now it was their decision to walk and trust in the Lord.

As the Grandchildren began replying to him, you could hear their serious consideration and appreciation for his heartfelt request.  

It reminded me of how Jesus must have felt as he was preparing to leave the disciples…

how we all might feel when it’s our time to leave our earthly homes and families.

It has caused me to wonder what my final words will be?

Will they be words that cause others to dig deep within themselves and reflect upon life through a renewed lens?

Our Final Words contain the ability to impact and change the course of another’s life, yet  the life lived behind these words are what will bring life to them. 
My Dad’s life reflected a humble man who had known a wayward path yet found redemption and restoration through our Heavenly Father.
He never lived his life above others rather he found great pleasure walking beside people, he longed for others to know the freedom and life he had found in Christ.

His Grandchildren knew well of his calling, as he lived it out daily in front of them, from his deep and loving prayers to his bold conversations filled with loving compassion for them.

My Dad loved God deeply and shared Him at all costs, he scattered Jesus wherever he went. I have had the pleasure of walking beside my Dad for years and I have heard his testimony spoken whether it was to an esteemed Dr. or to the hospital staff. He didn’t see a difference when it came to their need for the Lord, he knew ALL needed JESUS!

So, as I reflect upon the power of final words I realize a truth….

I realize our final words one day,
will ultimately flow from
-the life we choose to live TODAY!

2 thoughts on “Thursday’s Thread: Our Final Words

  1. Thank you for opening a window into your life that so that we can see how wonderful our God really is. !! And what a great question you ask! I really liked your answer!!

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