In every coming there is a going; in every joy we find a tear; in every departure there is an arrival; and in every birth there is a death.
Life is full of changes.
Not one season lasts very long. The young look for the days ahead while those aging are longing for days gone past.

As I’ve spent my days lately in the company of a hospital room,
I’ve been reminded of how every season ceases.
I’ve been surrounded by families longing for longer days as
I’ve witnessed tears of days growing shorter.
Yet I was recently reminded in my Dad’s current circumstances;
no life leaves this earth without an eternal effect.
Eternal lives not only live an eternity with Christ,
their fingerprints are forever seen and their blood continues to
flow through those dear to them who are left behind.

What our lives bring whether we are in the midst of the busyness
or whether it is spent in a hospital bed
-both hold a grandeur purpose.

When life is peering at death, we become revitalized in life.
In death, we enjoy life for what it was meant to be…
relationships become richer,
our divine purpose to glorify God suddenly gets reborn.

Our photographs, letters and memories of the
past uncover life to us in spaces forgotten by busyness and unrest.
Suddenly the riches of our legacy reveal the beauty of heritage and renew our investment in the now.
What once held antiquity holds fresh new meaning…
life continually becomes renewed day by day.

We find richness when every departure brings an arrival.

Although we can find this in our every day life,
we don’t notice it with the exuberance of life that we live
in the threat of sickness and suffering….

I’m reminded of this in communion…..
For it’s in Christ’s death we find life!
It brings us together in a significant way.
His death not reminding us of sadness, but of hope!

God is the God of life, not of death! 

And when we live in a close intimacy with God,
we will feel the pain of both death and loss.
Yet, it’s in this loss He gives us an ability to notice
the beauty of life
which surrounds us.

And in Jesus’ death even when earth turned into darkness,
He brought light and life into us.
Yet His need for death was found in His desire to free us from death.
He loved us so much that He was willing to die a death of horrible pain and loss
to bring us life and experience with us all the suffering of death.

So we don’t enter any step of life alone without His presence ….
every hard day He’s walked before us and remains WITH us.
Whether our days are spent in living or dying,
He sits with us!

What sometimes seems as if it’s the end is the beginning; what at first caused anxiety brings peace; and what seems to be hopeless is filled with hope.

When we look at life through the lens of a struggle,
we are able to find a door within a wall
and all God delivers beyond the door allows clarity to bring
the healing our hearts are searching for.

I suppose this is how it is in life, in the dark and hard times it’s hard to find the light, but it’s in the light we no longer remember the darkness. 

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